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We specialise in a personal delivery service TO YOUR STORE, provided your store is reasonably easy to access (not up a steep, bramble strewn path etc.) we will deliver your pellets as close as possible to your store and can even arrange for the pellets to be placed DIRECT into your store for you. You need only ask. - Wood pellet production  All the wood pellets are manufactured using 100% virgin wood using only timber from renewable managed forests.  Wood pellets are easy to store, easy to handle, and they burn efficiently giving a high calorific value due low moisture content. One tonne of wood pellets can replace 400 litres of oil, saving around 1,070kg of CO² from being released into the earth’s atmosphere. Due to their low moisture content, wood pellets have a high-energy content, similar to that of high quality coal.  Only minor energy losses are experienced due to the need to burn off the moisture content. As wood pellets are manufactured to a consistent size (5 to 40mm long x 6mm diameter), have low moisture content and high density they can be used in automatic clean-burn heating appliances.  This also means that a boiler response time is fast and the technology is controllable without increasing the unwanted load on the environment. - Pellet Boilers Using fuels such as wood pellets for commercial and domestic properties ensures a clean, effective heat, as well as a clear conscience for its users. Raw materials are produced from managed, renewable sources to ensure sustainability of supply for future generations. On burning wood fuels, the carbon dioxide absorbed during the growth of the tree will be released back to nature where it is absorbed by other plants.  As such, wood fuels are considered ‘carbon neutral’.  For more information or to request a quotation call us on  01282 844487
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