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Gvijus softwood biomass pellets Thousands of homes across Europe and throughout the UK have already switched from conventional fuels to take advantage of the substantial financial and environmental benefits associated with using biomass wood pellets. Gvijus use raw materials that are sourced from local, sustainably managed coniferous forests, Gvijus offer a consistant, high energy yielding, cost effective solution to the unpredictable and increasingly more expensive imported fuels. Gvijus pellets also considerably reduce your carbon footprint in comparison to using carbon intensive fossil fuels, so you are helping to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.
You can easily order your pellets by using the enquiries button to auto email us and we’ll get right back to you. Delivery is included up to 20 miles from our depot and surcharged £1 per mile up to 50 miles from base (See Map).
All deliveries are to your pellet store, not the bottom of your drive or the kerbside. A service for filling your pellet store is also available, you need only ask.
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